Denver Art Museum Film & Photography Policy

Thank you for your interest in the Denver Art Museum. The Denver Art Museum reviews all filming/photography requests on a case-by-case basis. All corporate requests must be made 15 business days in advance of the desired filming/shooting date. All media requests must be made 10 business days in advance of the desired filming/shooting date. Any shoots requested inside the museum must be done during museum hours. Due to permissions and image rights, some works of art and gallery spaces may not be filmed or photographed. Shoots that take place outside the museum are more flexible.

Types of Shoots:

Personal Photo Shoot

Includes engagement, senior/yearbook, family, etc. Personal photoshoots may only take place in common areas (not galleries/exhibitions spaces) and during public open hours. An agreement stating these are for personal use only may be required. Requests must be made 15 business days in advance of the desired filming/shooting date.

Professional & Corporate Photo/Video Shoot

Includes advertising (print, online, broadcast), promotional brochures and materials, corporate headshots, extended web usage, filming for movies, documentaries or television (other than editorial footage), and photography for books or products intended for sale. DAM will review all requests and approve all filming and photography permits at its discretion. Requests must be made no less than two weeks in advance of the desired filming/shooting date.

For purposes of this policy, use shall include filming or photography on the Museum complex for commercial purposes and for which the Museum will not own the copyright to the work created. All commercial filming and photography require a permit and fee. After filling out the application, someone from the marketing team will respond with a quote. No Denver Art Museum Images may be used without prior written authorization from the Denver Art Museum.


The Denver Art Museum asks that onsite media photo shoots be requested about ten (10) business days in advance. Requests made within the ten (10) business day timeframe will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. Any photography or filming taken with a tripod or flash will require a Communications Department escort while onsite. Filming and photography in progress signage will have to be posted when onsite during regular Museum business hours.

Media members not requiring a Communications Department escort can request a Museum press pass by sending an email request to

Pre-produced Museum b-roll can be found by visiting the Museum’s website Press Room.

Media members seeking exhibition press images and media kit information can request this information by emailing General press kits can be acquired at the museum's welcome desk.

Permission Guidelines

  • The Museum may not be used as a background shot to be fabricated in film or photography.
  • Location fees vary. Fees shall vary depending and according to the type of publicity/identification the Museum receives. Fee does not include required security staff which are $40/hr.
  • Photoshoot or filming may not prevent Museum patrons from entering or exiting any entrance of the Museum during museum hours.
  • Photoshoot must exclude art that requires artist approval.
  • Photoshoot should exclude DAM logo/identification to avoid implicit endorsement.

The contracting group agrees to secure prior to the Scheduled Photography Date a commercial general insurance policy for $1,000,000 per occurrence or accident, $2,000,000 in the aggregate. The insurance shall be on an occurrence basis, and not claims made, and the limits shall be on a per-event basis. The insurance policies must cover all of the contracting group’s operations, including moving-in, setting up, and cleaning the facility, and must name the Museum, its trustees, officers, employees, and agents, as additional insured. The policy shall include coverage for fire damage not less than $100,000 per occurrence.

The Film & Photography Policy application below must be filled out before permission is granted.

All requests must be submitted 15 business days in advance (both Personal and Business) prior to requested date(s). Media requests should be made 10 business days in advance of a request.

Questions? Please email